The mission of IPS International is to provide a healthy, lively and holistic school education that will create excellence in every sphere of human endeavor to lead the best life in this world and hereafter.
IPS International is dedicated to provide strong ethical values and morals while offering a high standard, wide variety of academic curriculum.
IPS International works towards evolving a learning process and environment, which empowers the future citizens to become ‘Global Leaders’ in the emerging knowledge society who will promote harmony and peace.

About US:

Why IPS International?
Islamic Public School, international is the first school of its kind in India offering CBSE syllabus along with A’alim course, Hifz and Dawah
IPS International started with a group of Dayees/Educationists/ A’alims/Teachers/Professors who joined hands together with a common vision of providing a high premium holistic education with Islamic values with appreciation of human values at affordable costs to the children. IPS international school has risen to be among the top schools which provide the best Islamic education. To add to this, it is the first school in India which offers CBSE syllabus along with complete A’alim course along with Hifz in optional and selective mode and Da’wah training. This school is first of its kind to lay the pillar for educational excellence with an emphasis on holistic development of learners.

At IPS International, we strive to give our children a complete Islamic and secular education. Our curriculum is set at a rigorous level that focuses on the purpose of preparing our students to reach their maximum potential. The curriculum allows for flexibility to differentiate the instruction to meet the needs of each individual because we recognize that each student is unique with their individual learning needs. Our low student/teacher ratio enables our teachers to tailor the educational experience to each child. Our ultimate goal is for every student to excel in all their future endeavors to become a Global Leader. Our curriculum objectives are adopted from the standards published by the Board of Education.